Our History

Conceptualized in 2010, D Emporium a Dubai based company was started by Zeeshan Aftab. He started with custom made orders, his keen devotion, hard work, enthusiasm, creativity and strong aspiration value proposition took him to a next level. All put together with his background in Interior Designing, Graphic Designing and Photography. Now showcasing his art at D Emporium invite’s you to a glimpse at his work. D emporium is situated in a middle of designer street Zamzama, Karachi. D Emporium spells fine living, defying convention and tailoring trends that relate to the aspirations of home lovers. D Emporium forte is the sensible fusion of Modern, rustic, avante-garde and the exotic, Cosmopolitan but elegantly put together epitomizing a new realm of design coexistence, sheer indulgence and uniqueness. With a unique concept of a vintage and contemporary nature of D Emporium aims to succeed as a distinctive brand of quality in future.

D Emporium is a Spirit of Simplicity with an Ultimate Sophistication celebration of diversity that makes our world a wonderful and inspiring place to live in. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow home is not a place it’s a feeling. We bring to your home more than just beautiful design, but unique fragments of life stories. After all, what is your home but a blank canvas on which to celebrate your own journey with the people you love. D EMPORIUM INSPIRED BY LIFE.

D emporium is unique because it dares to be different. The success of its highly original concept of combining culturally diverse designs depends heavily upon the choice of product. D emporium has proved its artistic ability in the selection of items that create an entrancing effect of unusual harmony. The impressive range of products appeals to an audience that desires multiple options in a singular location.