Made by hand with simple tools. Every D Emporium piece is made by hand using modern techniques, methods and simple tools, in the most complex, labour intensive, tried and tested way, because it makes a distinctive.

Makes us unique . Every D Emporium piece is made by hand using modern techniques methods and simple tools, we generate artisans real skills to provide their best with a special intensive labour care, facilities and a provision of right tools guide to make us distinctive.

Each button to be sewn in a single placement specifically applied on individual sofa frame make it super unique through a proper manner of hand TUFTING, using ancient techniques of making frames, sewing methods and thread attachment is absolute precision to ensure buttons to sew securely and attached in the correct manner..

Authenticity is what our believe is.. A hammer and chisel to describe the real authentic craftsmanship is a pride of our master hands which defines the details and sculpting methods with a honored time and respected techniques are the basic rules of D Emporium hand carving craftsmanship..

Experienced super master hands and professional metal team is trained and qualified for all our metal pieces which go with a rigorous process of cutting, molding, welding and polishing.